Sophomore Book Bundle

Sophomore Book Bundle

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Included in This Bundle:

Henle Latin: 2nd Year (ISBN: 9780829410273)
Ballad of the White Horse (ISBN: 9781607041078)
Beowulf (ISBN: 9780393320978)
Song of Roland (ISBN: 9780140445329)
The Canterbury Tales (ISBN: 9781593080808)
The Confessions (NEW) Boulding (ISBN: 9781565481541)
St. Francis of Assisi (ISBN: 9780486469232)
Le morte D'Arthur: Legends of the Round Table (ISBN: 9780451531490)
Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics (ISBN: 9781624668159)
Orthodoxy: An American Translation (ISBN: 9781735996615)
Shakespeare's Collected Works (ISBN: 9781435141834)


***For Sophomore Transfers***  please also purchase the following books from our online site. These books are initially handed to the students during their Freshman  year but are used in other years as well. They must be purchased individually from our "Freshman Books - À la Carte" section.

The Harp and Laurel Wreath (ISBN: 9780898707168)
Plato Complete Works (ISBN: 9780872203495)
The Bible Timeline Chart (ISBN: 9781945179983)
Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs (ISBN: 9781932645705)
Catechism of Catholic Church (ISBN: 9781601376497)
The Didache Bible (ISBN: 9781586179731)

Also, if taking Latin please also purchase the following: Henle Latin Grammar (ISBN: 9780829401127)